OrthoProdent Story

We started this company with the most valuable assets: Professionalism, Customer Oriented View, Quality, Innovation, and Trust.

As the demands for our Orthodontic products expanded, so was our team and the desire to provide the best on the market. As a result, we diminished our costs,  and this made us even more accessible, to this day.

Our main short and long-term desire is to bring quality and value in every smile, oriented to become the best value brand worldwide.

Here at OrthoPro, value is a pack of assets we always have in mind: the best, qualitative products that came at low prices, along with trustworthy delivery, surprising, up-to-date promotions, all wrapped in a high-class service


Ortho Pro is a company focused to provide your practice the best: our great products and excellent customer service, for a complete and reliable experience with our company.

When you choose Ortho Pro, you are choosing the commitment for quality itself, as our principal purpose is to provide your practice the best.

Principles Of Our Work


In our vision, quality is what makes you come back for more and that is why we offer superior Orthodontic supplies and products, so you can be assured you are receiving the best from the best, with all our products are FDA approved.

Meanwhile, we remain connected with the most innovative technology, working on offering your practice the newest, greatest, valuable products on the market, so you can be the first who has the best.


In the end, trust and reliability are the foundation of our company, at OrthoPro.

It is a reputation we earned, respect and working at, constantly, by delivering what we promised, the way we promised, every time.

It is what brings our customers back to us, and it is also what makes us stay on top.